Build insights 20x faster*

ArbolusCanopy simplifies your knowledge journey.  It’s the fastest way to capture insights from multiple people.

Through our cutting-edge video platform, ask questions to an unlimited number of people and receive answers within hours, not days.

ArbolusCanopy: When time is your most valuable resource!

Partner with Knowledge

Access to a Powerful and Dynamic Team of Industry Executives

As an executive you are faced with incredibly tough decisions.

Sometimes all you need is to speak with someone who's been in your shoes. Someone that can speak "your language".
Someone who could offer a new and valuable perspective.

What if you could partner with a team of former Fortune 500 executives to ask their point of view on the matter? What about jumping on a quick Zoom call?

What's included?

Introductory Call

We know a name isn't enough. Discuss your needs directly with this Circle and explore how they could support your business goals.

Strategy Session

Discuss any challenge your company is facing and pinpoint a strategy to define  how the Circle can provide tailored solutions.

Monthly Check-in Calls

Engage with the group to monitor objectives, re- define angles or gain further insights on the market.

Dedicated Channel

Start a group dialogues, share documents and schedule extra calls. These features enables you to really get the support you need.


Is a Circle right for us?

If you’re a forward-thinking company that's looking to overcome challenges in a flexible and timely manner, then one of our Circles is right for you.

How long do I need to commit to a Circle team?

As long as you wish. Circles is an add-on feature of the Arbolus Platform which you can cancel at any times. You have complete flexibility to re-scope the Circle, open multiple ones at the same time or jus automatically renew at the end of each month.

What kind of challenges can you help us with?

Each Circle is carefully constructed to offer custom-made solutions to a range of problems modern day executives face in current markets. Circles have a specific focus, which grants you access to a team of leaders with relevant experience in your field to help you overcome any challenge.

How will a Circle help solve our challenges?

Circles are made up of globally recognised and award winning executives, from Fortune 500 companies, who now serve as independent advisors. Each executive is ready to draw upon their extensive experience and enable companies to overcome their challenges and enhance their growth as a team.

Recent Circles

Want In?

If you're interested in joining Arbolus and using one of our advisory circles, please contact us.

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