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ArbolusCanopy is our innovative video survey tool that allows you to get qualitative insights in the fastest and most convenient way.  

Create your question set, fire it off and receive video answers from industry professionals within hours, seven days a week.

ArbolusCanopy: When time is your most valuable resource!
Power up your work

Get insights faster

Finding experts, scheduling and executing calls can take around 120 hours.

With ArbolusCanopy you can get your first insights in 6 hours or less.

ArbolusCanopy Faster Insights
ArbolusCanopy Fewer Calls
Cut to the chase

Less scheduling, more insights

Don't get stuck on endless back and forth call scheduling.

Capture precise, focused insights through video & transcripts and only do calls with the rock-stars.

Efficient workflow

Digestible, searchable and shareable

Watch, listen or read transcripts wherever you are, anytime.

Bite-sized videos and short transcripts are easily searchable and shareable to help you be more efficient.

ArbolusCanopy Video Audio Transcripts
ArbolusCanopy More Projects
A new way to work

Flexible for experts

Get involved in more projects and record your 2-3 minute answers using your phone, desktop or tablet at any time.



That is a great way of answering the questions and I think it gives your clients a feel as to whether an expert is credible or not.

CEO at Fortune 500 Company

My experience with ArbolusCanopy was great: platform is very easy to use and time-efficient in giving me relevant insights which can then be explored further with a traditional expert call. I have already recommended it to my colleagues.

Large Cap PE Fund

It's a really effective and efficient way to get multiple opinions on the same questions.

Leading EU Tech Investor


Can I still call experts?

Yes, ArbolusCanopy does not replace calls. It is perfect for when you need fast and quality insights from multiple people, but you’re not ready to have in-depth calls yet. These insights let you see which experts are the best fit and which calls would be most valuable.

Why is it faster than traditional calls?

Calls require scheduling, preparation and that process takes time. With ArbolusCanopy you don’t need to schedule any time, as experts record their answers in their own time. They receive opportunities via email and SMS, allowing them to answer right away through any device. ArbolusCanopy is a video survey for the digital age.

How soon can I get the answers transcribed?

Videos are transcribed in seconds. AI takes care of this for you.

How can I try it?

Get in touch with us and we can set you up with a free trial. 

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