Platform Features

Centralise your expert consultations with an end-to-end solution

With our built-in engagement tools, you will be able to make the most of your professional connections every time you launch a project on the Arbolus platform.

Centralised Workflow

Communicate efficiently with your network

Onboard experts to any of your projects and start the conversation right away.

Exchange messages, share files and book video conferences all with just a few clicks.

On-demand advisory boards

Access collective knowledge using your Group channels

Sometimes a collective discussion is more fruitful than multiple individual ones. Use the Arbolus platform to engage with all your experts at once.

Secure interactions

Engage with professionals in a safe environment

Arbolus’ 3-step compliance process ensures that both experts and businesses are educated on compliance and allows for a simple review process.

We also create custom compliance forms upon request.

More features