Platform Features

Launch new projects in minutes

The Arbolus Platform allows you to create projects around your top priorities and make more trusted connections with people who can help.

Use Cases

Why open a project?

Market Research

Conduct primary research engaging with experts using in-app messaging, video calls and document sharing.

Consulting Work

Find and work with project consultants across various industries.

Mentoring & Coaching

Establish relationships with mentors and coaches that can drive learning and development.

Sales Advisory

Work with market makers who have sat on the other side of the table and can help you win more deals.

Manage your projects efficiently

One workspace for all your expert related projects

The Arbolus platform enables your team to communicate and collaborate with experts in the context of any project, making working together easy.

Create unique connections

Use your existing network to create new connections

The best connections come through referrals. Use your existing connections to identify the most unique experts.

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