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Success Stories
February 7, 2023
2 min read

70% faster research process with ArbolusCanopy

How Canopy helped a leading private equity firm to gather critical insights faster.


A leading global private equity firm was conducting due diligence on a 3D design SaaS company. They needed to gather insights from 30 current customers of the software to get insight on positioning, use cases, evaluation process, NPS and areas for improvement.


The traditional approach of 30 separate 1-hour interviews was time-consuming, inefficient and costly. Considering the time it takes to screen experts, synchronize calendars, conduct the calls, and consolidate data for analysis, it would have taken up to 2 weeks. 

Our clients prefer to spend their valuable time on tasks that have more impact.

Arbolus Solution: 

Our asynchronous video insights tool, ArbolusCanopy reduced time to insight by 70%. 

With just a project brief, the client received recorded and transcribed video answers within hours.

  • No time was spent on call scheduling
  • Time per respondent reduced by 60%
  • Project cost reduced by 50%


Within 4 days, 40 customers and key decision-makers answered 10 questions each and submitted 800 minutes of qualitative video content that was transcribed and exported for efficient analysis. 

The N was increased as the project progressed, due to the speed and ease of collecting data.

Canopy removed the administrative hassle, allowing the client team to gather critical insights faster and focus their time on analysis and strategic decision-making. They were able to complete the project ahead of time and gain a competitive advantage.

Why ArbolusCanopy?

Simply fire off your question set and receive transcribed video answers from multiple experts within hours along with AI generated summary of all answers. 

  • Asynchronous video - gather expertise without conducting a single call
  • Fire & forget - we just need a brief - no scheduling, no back & forth
  • Faster insights - get expertise within hours, 7 days a week

To learn more about Canopy contact us.

About Arbolus

Arbolus is a knowledge-sharing platform investors and consultants use to collect more insights from the best experts, in less time.

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