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For Investors

Quality insights, at speed

Be the first to build confidence and secure great deals with highly specific expertise, B2B customer data and the tools that help you act fast.

The right insight at the right time can make or break a deal.

Yet, with the traditional expert network process, you waste time on irrelevant experts and time-consuming calls that often bring little value.

We designed a product offering to save time and bring you key expertise precisely when you need it, so you can build confidence in your investment decisions ahead of the competition.

Canopy video Q&A

High-quality insights, fewer expert calls

Canopy is the most efficient way to gather bespoke expertise faster and replace repetitive customer calls.

Quick to launch and completely asynchronous, Canopy delivers attributable video insights from multiple experts within hours seven days a week.

No scheduling. No time-consuming calls.

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Arbolus Insights (BETA)

Insights from B2B tech buyers ahead of competition

Gain access to rich B2B customer data even before the diligence begins.

With our Chrome extension, monitor perspectives on thousands of high-growth companies early, directly in your browser.

Dive into customer data to disqualify deals early, quickly evaluate the competitive landscape and identify the most relevant customers for further research.

Our offering

Canopy video insights

Collect attributable insights from multiple people via video within hours. Gather expertise faster and handpick only the best experts for in-depth consultations. A perfect solution to replace customer reference calls.

Expert calls

One-to-one expert calls with screening, profile reviews and scheduling made easy through Arbolus platform. Includes free AI transcripts and industry-leading compliance features.

B2B customer data (BETA)

Access customer data on thousands of B2B software companies ahead of time and connect with highly specific, verified customer profiles for further bespoke research.


Attributable B2B expert panels for surveys. Off-the-shelf or bespoke panels are screened to the same standards as expert calls.
All respondents are available for further engagement through Arbolus platform. 


Exclusivity agreements & long-term engagements are available at client request. Our experienced team will manage legal and compliance requirements.

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What our clients say

I’d say that Canopy allowed us to quickly test our hypothesis early in our due diligence process. By spending about 3 hours in total, we were able to get decent answers to our main questions. This would otherwise probably take 2-3 days of desktop research.


Leading VC

My experience with Canopy was great: platform is very easy to use and time-efficient in giving me relevant insights which can then be explored further with a traditional expert call. I have already recommended it to my colleagues.

Portfolio Manager

Leading Private Equity firm

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