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Our Platform

A better way to gather expert insights

Save time and transform your primary research with asynchronous video insights, one-click call scheduling and AI-driven tools, like ArbolusGPT.

Canopy video Q&A

Expert insights via video

Canopy video Q&A allows you to gather attributable insights faster via video. No scheduling. No time-consuming calls.

With ready-made templates and AI-powered creation process, it is quick to launch and delivers insights faster, seven days a week.

Due to its asynchronous nature, it's a perfect solution to replace high volumes of repetitive customer interviews.

  • Supports multiple choice questions (NPS, value rating, short text)
  • Free transcripts and AI summary with quotes for quick follow-up
  • Easily shareable and exportable for easier collaboration


All your projects, experts & insights in one place

Streamline the way you manage your research projects. Approve expert profiles with ease, schedule calls at a click of a button and communicate with the project team directly in the workspace chat.

AI-generated transcripts are free and accessible on the platform any time - search, share and export them without friction.


Work smarter with ArbolusGPT  

No need to spend hours manually sifting through long transcripts, just to find a specific answer or a quote.

Query your project data effortlessly through ArbolusGPT, our innovative AI assistant. It searches call and Canopy transcripts within your project, providing precise, case-specific responses at lightning speed.  

Arbolus Insights (BETA)

Insights from B2B tech buyers ahead of competition

Our Chrome extension empowers investors to monitor perspectives on thousands of high-growth companies, directly in their browser.

Get access to data from verified software buyers early to disqualify deals fast, evaluate the competitive landscape and identify the most relevant customers for further research.

More integrations and APIs are coming soon, to provide faster and more convenient ways to interact with customer data, anytime, anywhere.

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