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Our platform

Reinventing knowledge-

Transform your primary research with leading AI technology, asynchronous video insights and custom-sourced expertise.


Collect insights via video

ArbolusCanopy delivers transcribed video insights from custom-sourced experts within hours and even over the weekend.

Support qualitative insights with quantitative data and save time with comprehensive AI summary reports.

Fast-track insights, assess expertise and only conduct one-to-one calls with those who stand out.  

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Smart AI summaries

Conquer information overload with the power of AI

Gone are the days of manually consolidating large volumes of information, lengthy transcripts or notes.

Our AI-powered summary reports for each project will help you make sense of it all faster to speed up analysis and decision-making.

Arbolus workspace

All your projects, experts & insights in one place

Streamline the way you manage your research projects. Approve expert profiles, schedule calls at a click of a button and communicate with the project team directly in the workspace chat.

AI-generated transcripts are free and accessible on the platform any time - search, share and export them without friction.

Compliance framework

Platform. Training. Oversight.

We have built a world-leading compliance process designed to provide you with transparency, oversight and legal protection.

Our platform allows you to customize project rules and oversee all team activity, while ArbolusCanopy asynchronous video tool provides security for the most sensitive interactions.

for Investors

Collect more perspectives in the most time-efficient way and focus on deal-critical activities, not endless call scheduling.

Solutions for Consultants

Accelerate your primary research and only deep-dive with the best experts to make better recommendations for your clients.

Ready to transform your primary research?

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