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For consultants

your primary research

Be smart about how you collect insights. Streamline the process, spend more time on analysis and make high-quality recommendations for your clients.

All the insights you need, in less time

Not all expert calls deliver the same value. With tight deadlines and targets to meet, it's essential to use your time and budget wisely.

With ArbolusCanopy, collect insights from multiple experts via video and handpick only the best for deep-dive conversations. 

Get rid of unproductive calls, reduce scheduling hassles and streamline workflows. Forget manual information consolidation - download an easily shareable summary for every project with attributable quotes.

  • Asynchronous video: expertise via video without a single call
  • Fast insights: experts respond within hours, 7 days a week
  • AI-powered summaries: fast-track your analysis with a click

Our platform

Next generation expert network

Accelerate your research, tackle information overload with seamless data synthesis and manage compliance with ease.

Ready to fast-track your research?

What our clients say

Overall, we had a really positive experience with Canopy. Specifically, the written responses and videos were user-friendly. The transcript feature was very helpful and accurate. We found it seamless to export all of the items to do further analysis on our end… Looking forward to using the tool again.

Deals Director

Big 4 Consulting Firm

Canopy saved us countless hours in our recent due diligence project. We used it for customer angle and managed to get insights from 30 customers of the software within a few days. Automated summaries were extremely useful to expedite analysis process.


Consultant at Global Consulting Firm 

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