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April 17, 2023
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Arbolus: Changing the Expert Network Industry with Generative AI and ArbolusCanopy

Will Leeming

Our innovative platform, ArbolusCanopy, is changing the way our investment and consulting clients gather information.

In today's fast-paced business world, information is key. Companies and investors need to stay on top of the latest trends, news, and insights to make informed decisions. However, gathering this information can be a time-consuming and daunting task. That's where Arbolus comes in.

Our innovative platform, ArbolusCanopy, is changing the way our investment and consulting clients gather information. ArbolusCanopy allows our clients to asynchronously gather insights via video. We are then able to synthesise insights using generative AI like ChatGPT into digestible reports. The result is that our clients have more time to spend making decisions.

This combination of asynchronous gathering and synthesis is the basis of the third generation of expert networks.

Benefits of Asynchronous Knowledge Gathering with ArbolusCanopy

Clients have loved ArbolusCanopy ever since we launched it last summer. It's a simple process:

  1. Clients share a problem/company/topic - we don't need a full brief
  2. Arbolus's AI generates a list of 4-10 questions - which the client can amend
  3. Relevant experts provide video insights on their phones - in their own time
  4. Clients get the results on the Arbolus platform - video, transcripts and excel
  5. Clients choose to speak with the best experts - optional

Within a few hours of launching an ArbolusCanopy our clients can expect to receive their first insights. In 48 hours they typically receive 15-20 perspectives on their problem/company/topic.

The benefits:

Generative AI: The Key to Efficient Knowledge Synthesis

Most of our clients apply the Minto Pyramid Principle when working with expert knowledge. Until recently, expert networks have provided only the first run in the information ladder. AI is changing this, and changing it fast.

At Arbolus, our clients are benefiting from Generative AI to synthesise all the expert insights they have gathered through ArbolusCanopy and on ArbolusCalls. Based upon the insights our platform generates a trustworthy snapshot report with points backed up by attributable quotes - you can even watch the original videos.

The benefits:

Why every consulting firm and PE fund needs to be using Arbolus

If you’re knowledge-hungry and time-poor you need Arbolus. More specifically our clients use it in the following use cases:

Consulting firms

Private equity funds

But don't forget - every insight is attributable and you can speak with every expert directly.

The Future of Arbolus

Arbolus constantly looks for ways to improve its platform and provide clients with the best possible service. The world of generative AI is evolving every day. Arbolus is perfectly placed to help our clients harness this AI technology with unique and attributable insights. Arbolus is committed to keeping itself at the forefront of this industry.


In conclusion, if you are in private equity, growth equity or consulting firms you should be using Arbolus. If not, I genuinely think you and your firm will be at a disadvantage. Want a pilot - get in touch with us at

Join us at our Webinar on "Generative AI Unpacked"

Join us for an insightful discussion with Johnathan Tran (PwC), Carol S. Scott (she/her) (Microsoft) and Barak Turovsky (Scale Summit Partners, ex-Google) on Tuesday, 18th of April. Register here.

Will Leeming

Will is one of the Arbolus founders. After 10 years working in professional services in London and New York, he set up Arbolus with his business partner Sam. Focusing on product, technology and operations, Will spends most of his time in London and Barcelona.

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