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Expert Insights
April 30, 2020
3 min read

Arbolus Circles: Executive Advisors to Win Deals

Giorgio Trisciani

Learn how to collaborate with Arbolus Circles to scale your business and access exclusive industry insights.

Earlier this year a major CPG company was planning to increase their demand by redesigning their supply chain. To ensure success, they looked to redesign their supply chain and network strategy to cope with the predicted increase in demand.

As always with such strategies, the company put together a request for proposal (RFP) and top tier consultancies began to place bids.

One of our clients was invited to bid. In preparation, they came to us to see who they could work with to create an A-Grade pitch. Arbolus provided a niche group of industry experts, who could work together as a dynamic team to support our client throughout the bid.

This type of support known as Arbolus Circles, was used by our client to validate research, draft the proposal, help in preparation for the pitch and eventually support them in the delivery of the project.

The group was led by:

  • Former EVP of Supply Chain from Walmart - who shaped the long term plans surrounding the client’s future network and distribution centre strategy
  • Former Real Estate Leader from Amazon - who decided the strategy regarding site selection and lease negotiation for prospective distribution centres

Throughout the engagement, the client also made further use of this Circle and invited the experts to do onsite work, such as touring potential distribution centres around the USA.

"The partner later stated: “The Arbolus experts only spoke for five minutes maximum at the pitch, but that was enough to make us win the deal”

What is the benefit of using Arbolus Circles?

Arbolus Circles creates meaningful, strategic and longer-term engagements between members of the Arbolus community and clients. These niche groups consist of three or more hand-selected industry leaders, each of whom provides an important angle to a project, further ensuring all research bases are covered.

Arbolus Circles provide extensive, up-to-date and reliable insights regarding selected industry topics and developments.

Giorgio Trisciani

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