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Platform Releases
March 27, 2023
3 min read

Arbolus Product Update - March 2023

Laima Cekule - Senior Product Owner

The latest Arbolus features, updates and UI improvements designed to enhance your Arbolus platform experience.

We kicked off the first quarter of 2023 with a bunch of powerful new features, updates and UI improvements designed to enhance the Arbolus platform experience.

After collecting your feedback, many planning and brainstorming sessions, we found ways to address some of your biggest challenges when it comes to gathering and sharing expertise. Here are just a few of the updates we know you’ll love.

(Re)Schedule Calls without hassle

Calendars change quickly, meetings drop out of nowhere and there’s a need to ensure everyone can rearrange them conveniently. 

Our latest expert availability update makes scheduling and re-scheduling calls easier and significantly reduces time to insight. Now you can:

  • View expert availability on an expert’s profile as you’re approving them for the project and schedule a call straight away. 
  • If none of the provided time slots suit your calendar, request additional time slots by simply clicking a button in the project chat. This will notify the expert in real-time, both in the chat on our platform and by SMS, so they can provide more availability as soon as possible. 

We also improved the way experts can submit and update their availability with a better calendar view on both, desktop and mobile, for more flexibility on the go.

Track your target company in Channels 

ArbolusChannels provides you with thousands of video insights directly from a curated panel of top experts in the industry. With Channels, you can get up to speed with new industries and markets fast, without spending days on desk research and get answers to ad-hoc questions directly from the expert panel whenever you need them. 

The new Channels feature now also enables you to monitor company mentions, empowering you to identify new opportunities with fresh primary perspectives: 

  • See all companies mentioned in expert responses at a glance
  • Filter all Channel videos and transcripts by company name to see where it is mentioned and what the expert panel is saying.

Share Canopy responses with ease

We designed Canopy to deliver asynchronous expert insights and free up more time for what matters most - analysis and synthesis of information. Our latest release accelerates these processes, making it easier to export and share specific insights.

With 1h calls, we’re used to seeing entire teams dial in. With Canopy, you can now share only the most relevant insights with the most relevant team members.

Now you’re able to: 

  • Export all Canopy transcripts to any format you need. There’s no need to go through each question separately; simply select your Canopy questions and export all transcripts at once. 

  • Share individual Canopy responses with your team and collaborate whenever needed, with the combined video and transcript view.

These are just a few of many improvements the team has worked on over the last few months and we’re excited to show you what’s next. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming multichoice Canopy questions, bookmark and watchlist functionalities in Channels and a completely redesigned project dashboard, which will undoubtedly empower you to save even more time, reduce time to insight, and improve productivity for your research teams.

Laima Cekule - Senior Product Owner

Laima works with software engineers, operations, finance and marketing teams to connect business needs with technology. Her job is to implement software solutions that address the biggest customer pain points and enable a great user experience.

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