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February 24, 2023
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Attributable results from niche populations with Arbolus Surveys

Find out how Arbolus ensured the success of the client survey in EdTech space.


A global management consulting firm was conducting a survey in the EdTech space to understand the different software solutions that K-12 World Language and Math teachers use in their school districts

To achieve the objective, the client needed a large number of respondents and attributable answers to be able to follow up with certain respondents, depending on their answers.

Arbolus Solution

Arbolus team used an extensive internal network and external pipelines to custom source profiles of experts with the highest probability of qualifying for the survey. Once the survey was launched the team tracked survey data to continue to custom source ideal respondents.


Arbolus sourced 147 experts and ensured a continuous stream of responses throughout the 12 days that the survey was live. The client followed up with 10 respondents and conducted one-to-one interviews to get deeper insights into their perception of different vendors. 


“The survey is filling great thanks for the hard work! We reached the required number of respondents quickly and follow-up calls helped us to dive deeper into the questions that arose during the process” - Senior Associate Consultant

Arbolus Surveys 

Gather quantitative data with attributable results with Arbolus Surveys.

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