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Success Stories
May 20, 2020
2 min read

Can you Crowdsource Sales Opportunities through Experts?

Sam Glasswell

Forward-thinking companies are finding new ways of using experience to get amazing results.

Earlier this year we launched one of our most exciting products yet - Arbolus Circles.

As with all great innovations, Arbolus Circles was born out of a customer request. In 2020 they have a big hairy audacious goal (check out our BHAG) of growing their Fortune 500 customer base by 300%. Unfortunately, they had already exhausted most of their own relationships.

How can a business reach key decision-makers through experts?

"What if we could build a small group of ex CMOs (their target audience) from some of the world's best companies. What if we could work with this group to come up with a killer sales strategy. What if we even ask them to help us get introductions?"

The first Arbolus Circle was born

We built a team with three of our best CMOs - serious titans of industry. We then introduced made the introductions on our platform and sat back. Before we knew it, a great relationship had flourished:

  • Refined their pitch material
  • Identified new potential clients
  • Made introductions

So far, our customer has won 3 new accounts through this circle and there are many more to come.

Why we love this

  • The experts loved it
    They want to do impactful, interesting work where they can see the results of their advice. Even better, it pays more.
  • The customer got amazing results
    The customer has a real, valuable relationship with the experts (something that's impossible on a 1-hour call).
  • The power of the Collective
    By working together, everyone benefited from the constructive debate.

What Next

Since this first Circle we have been in turbo drive at Arbolus. We now have 3 active Circles only 6 weeks after we first went live. Circles are now working with customers on sales opportunities, executive coaching and competitor insights.

What is so exciting to us is that Circles are a great way for us to deliver on our mission of 1m matches by 2021.

We couldn’t be more grateful to our customer. By bringing their goal, they encouraged us to build this Circle and open our eyes to this new product.

Sam Glasswell

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About Arbolus

Arbolus is a knowledge-sharing platform investors and consultants use to collect more insights from the best experts, in less time.

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