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Success Stories
March 8, 2023
3 min read

How Arbolus streamlined a complex Pharma study with tailored solutions

How Arbolus supported an extensive study on the clinical service & biopharma commercialization space in the US with bespoke solutions.


A global consulting firm was conducting a 6-week study for a leading private equity client to gain a deeper understanding of the clinical service & biopharma commercialization space in the US. The project included clinical and commercial outreach to learn about clinical development, clinical service capabilities and healthcare commercialization platforms.


The client was looking for support and highly effective tools to help them to:

  • Get smart fast on a new industry, without spending days on desk research.
  • Source a large number of experts in highly specialized senior roles from SMid biopharma companies and large Contract Research Organisations. 
  • Ensure streamlined communication between all parties, given the volume of stakeholders and research being conducted.
  • Remove all inefficient processes and unnecessary administrative hassle to allow more time for high-value tasks and data analysis.

Arbolus Solution

Arbolus team came up with a bespoke set of solutions to support the client at every stage of their research process.

ArbolusChannels allowed the client to develop expertise fast by reviewing pre-existing transcribed video answers directly from a curated panel of top CRO experts worldwide. They were able to quickly understand competitive dynamics and get high-level primary insights to develop hypotheses and refine the research direction. 

Our global team worked around the clock to custom-source suitable profiles for one-to-one consultations leveraging our extensive network of CRO professionals. 

The Arbolus platform gave the client complete control over their expert relationships and allowed them to communicate directly via the workspace chat. The client could easily ask quick questions, send files, follow-up surveys and worksheets to experts without any friction. 

To maximize efficiency, all repetitive calls on the customer workstream were replaced with ArbolusCanopy responses. Whilst the client conducted higher complexity interviews, Arbolus gathered short transcribed video answers from the required respondents within a couple of days and delivered them in a shareable and exportable format for quick data consolidation.


Further to providing access to insights from over 100 CRO experts within our CRO channel, Arbolus facilitated 65 expert calls in total across both phases. While Canopy enabled the client to conduct customer angle research without a single call, saving them at least 30 hours of work. 

Ultimately, by utilizing our full suite of solutions, the client was able to gather all required insights faster and spend more of their valuable time on data analysis which resulted in a high-quality, in-depth report.


“Arbolus blew it out of the water” - Associate

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