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February 24, 2023
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How ArbolusCanopy accelerated decision-making for a leading VC

Check out how ArbolusCanopy helped a renowned VC firm to quickly test their hypothesis early in their due diligence process.


A renowned venture capital firm was evaluating an investment in an EdTech/E-Learning platform that was said to have strong market recognition. The firm needed to ensure they were making a sound investment decision and confirm that the target was a future market leader.


The client was looking to test their hypotheses fast without spending their valuable time conducting desk research on a deal that may not be feasible.

Arbolus Solution

Using Canopy, our video insights tool, the client received fully transcribed video answers from top experts quickly by simply submitting a brief with a set of questions. 


In a matter of hours, the firm conducted a quick market scan and obtained the answers they needed. Canopy answers confirmed that the target didn’t have as much market exposure as expected and the client was able to quickly make a decision not to pursue the opportunity. 


“I’d say that Canopy allowed us to quickly test our hypothesis early in our due diligence process. By spending about 3 hours in total (preparing the questions, reviewing the profiles, videos & scripts), we were able to get decent answers to our main questions. This would otherwise probably take 2-3 days of desktop research.” - Investment Professional, Leading SaaS VC

Why ArbolusCanopy?

Simply fire off your question set and receive transcribed video answers from multiple experts within hours. 

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