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Success Stories
March 7, 2023
2 min read

How ArbolusChannels enriched a vendor DD process with more expert insights

Channels helped the Big 4 client to collect and analyze additional qualitative data fast without disrupting the case flow.


The client team at a Big 4 consulting firm was looking to better understand a UK Jewellery space and run one-to-one expert calls as part of a 6-week vendor due diligence process.  


New questions arose during the process, as the team was conducting expert interviews. Due to time and budget constraints, they were not able to arrange additional calls and needed to find another way to gather the required expertise.  

Arbolus Solution

ArbolusChannels helped the client to collect and analyze additional qualitative data quickly without disrupting the case flow.

The client used Channels to review pre-existing insights from a curated panel of over 40 experts which allowed the team to get smart quickly, scoping out high-level trends and themes. 

As the project evolved, the client was able to submit any ad-hoc questions that came up and get answers from the panel within hours. Channels allowed them to verify their hypotheses fast without conducting extra calls.


Within the first 96 hours, the client team received transcribed video answers from 7 additional experts on Channels.

Originally on a 5-call project, the client gathered attributable and trusted expertise from 12 leading professionals in the space without affecting the budget or timelines and boosted the quality and credibility of the project output. 


“The insights we were able to gather using Channels were complex and extremely useful for our team and increased the quality and depth of final output. I’m already considering how I can use it for my other cases.” - Manager at a Big 4 consultancy

Why ArbolusChannels? 

Get access to on-demand expert video insights directly from a curated panel of top experts. 

  • Get smart fast
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Make informed business decisions

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About Arbolus

Arbolus is a knowledge-sharing platform investors and consultants use to collect more insights from the best experts, in less time.

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