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May 19, 2020
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Our New Platform, How we're Changing Advisory Relationships

Will Leeming

We're thrilled to introduce our new platform. We hope you like it as much as we do. This article talks about the great things we are doing.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our new experience sharing platform. This is a major refresh which we hope will bring a smile to the faces of our users!

Nine months ago, our designers and developers took on a new mission: to build the best platform for companies and experts to find each other and share experience. Today we are launching the first version. Many more features are coming in the next few months (see our public Trello board), so stay tuned.

A bold vision: building relationships

At Arbolus, we believe in building relationships between companies and experts. Our platform is designed with this in mind, with an emphasis on:

As an expert, direct client relationships

The platform acts as a central repository for all your advisory relationships & projects. Within each project’s workspace you can :

It’s our hope that you will enjoy building these direct relationships. This is a tool for you to find new ways of working with companies, earning you more money. If you would like to create a profile click here.

Coming soon: negotiate and agree to longer-term engagements on the platform.

As a company, more collaboration & support

The platform allows you to work as a team alongside colleagues and external experts. On the workspace you can:

It’s our hope that you will find more value in working with experts beyond an initial conversation. This might be a short follow-up question or longer-term work. What we do know is that these experts are willing and able to help you more. If you would like to set up a company account click here.

Coming soon: start inviting experts you already work with into the platform.

Going forward: exciting new releases

The Arbolus platform is built with agility in mind. Amongst many others, we will be releasing the following features in the next couple of months:

To read more about our Product Roadmap, check out our public Trello board here.

Will Leeming

Will is one of the Arbolus founders. After 10 years working in professional services in London and New York, he set up Arbolus with his business partner Sam. Focusing on product, technology and operations, Will spends most of his time in London and Barcelona.

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