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Success Stories
January 15, 2023
2 min read

How ArbolusCanopy reduced project turnaround by 80%

ArbolusCanopy enabled a Big 4 Consulting client to gather all required insights without conducting any calls.


A client team was looking to connect with current and ex-employees of a blue-chip software company to gather insights on their experience being recruited by, working at, and leaving the company.


Conducting 8 x 1-hour interviews was inefficient and costly, considering the time required to coordinate calendars, sit through repetitive calls and consolidate data for analysis. 

Arbolus solution

Arbolus sourced 8 respondents to gather insights through our asynchronous video insights tool ArbolusCanopy, combining both qualitative and quantitative questions.

Canopy enabled the client to capture concise video answers to critical questions without conducting any interviews and reducing time to insights by 80%

  • No call scheduling = no administrative hassle
  • Time reviewing content reduced from 8h to less than 3h
  • All videos fully transcribed and exportable into Excel, CSV, or other.


Within 72 hours, all eight respondents answered a total of 21 qualitative and multiple-choice questions each, providing around 160 minutes of transcribed video content and 1 to 5 ratings for quantitative questions.

With Canopy, the client team received fully transcribed, exportable and searchable output, stored on the Arbolus platform, along with an Excel file of all the data points to speed up their analysis. 

Client feedback:

“Overall, we had a really positive experience with Canopy. Specifically, the written responses and videos were user-friendly. The transcript feature was very helpful and accurate. We found it seamless to export all of the items to do further analysis on our end… Looking forward to using the tool again.” - Deals director at Big 4 Consultancy

Why ArbolusCanopy?

Simply fire off your question set and receive transcribed video answers from multiple experts within hours. 

  • Asynchronous video
  • Fire & forget
  • Faster insights

Learn more about ArbolusCanopy.

About Arbolus

Arbolus is a knowledge-sharing platform investors and consultants use to collect more insights from the best experts, in less time.

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