About Us

Sharing experience. Across the world.

We believe that the foundation of a great company is its people. Our diverse and united team drives us to unlock the full potential of knowledge for both experts and businesses.

The Arbolus offices are based in New York, London and Barcelona, with many employees choosing to work remotely.

Our Manifesto

The most valuable knowledge is gained through experience

However, experience is, by nature, difficult to share. Conventional approaches to knowledge sharing fail to ensure that the relevant details are written down; the mistakes are recorded; and your questions are answered. That is why we provide unconventional tools to support the knowledge sharing process. The Arbolus Platform is a centralised marketplace that breaks down the barriers between those with experience and those who seek it.

Our Priorities:
AI technology
to connect the dots between consumers and suppliers 
Online platform to drive efficient knowledge sharing
Personalised networks to build and join communities of advisors you trust

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Our Mission

Connecting professionals around the world to share their expertise

Arbolus’ professional networking platform uses technology to help build and maintain advisory relationships so that businesses and individuals can work together seamlessly on projects. From helping businesses find relevant experts for their projects, to helping stakeholders manage payments and contracts, the Arbolus platform helps streamline project management.

"Arbolus was a fantastic partner for us across multiple cases. They helped connect us with experts who were the perfect fit for our research, and their intuitive platform makes scheduling and follow-up work incredibly smooth"
"Arbolus has revealed to be a valuable partner for our teams around strategic projects and deals. Their platform is intuitive and resulted in meaningful engagements and connections throughout."
Big 4 Consulting Firm
"I’ve worked with many expert networks and my experience with Arbolus felt more personal & flexible. Arbolus produced equally good, if not better, profiles as the big networks, so I’ll definitely be using them again"
OC&C Consultants

Our Team

Sharing experience across the world

We believe a great company is made up of a diverse and united team of people capable to unlock the full potential of knowledge.

Our team is distributed around the world. Many work remotely, while we maintain offices in New York, London and Barcelona.

Work with us

We have multiple open positions to work remotely or from our London, Barcelona and New York offices.

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