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Fewer calls.

Everything we do at Arbolus starts with ensuring our clients have the oversight they need.

Compliance framework

Platform, training and oversight 

Using the latest technology, our platform delivers consistency across all processes while offering customization to suit individual client needs.

Regular training promotes a resilient compliance culture that fuels strict adherence to industry standards.

The insights and feedback gathered through constant process reviews drive continuous platform improvement.


Leading compliance with video insights

Asynchronous video insights and tech-driven process drives anonymity, security and compliance for any project.

  • Edit & approve questions before they reach experts
  • Proactive compliance training for experts throughout the process 
  • Expert responses are reviewed to identify any confidential (material, non-public) information before reaching your team. 

Robust processes

  • A global team of 10+ professionals who lead training and oversight.
  • Proprietary Chrome extension to overlay DNC List across all external expert sourcing.
  • Transparent, auditable reporting to track all engagements & approvals.

Flexible to your needs

  • Bespoke solutions for call recording and transcript functionality.
  • Compliance questions and engagement agreements are customizable to client needs and applied to every project. 
  • Complete anonymity available for any engagement on the platform.

How we take care of your data

Arbolus follows the ISO27001 standards for information security risk management, driven by key principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability. We ensure pro-active risk mitigation through robust procedures and conduct regular team training and awareness activities for all staff.

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