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Our network

Unique experts for every project

Connect with highly relevant, custom-sourced expertise in any sector, industry or location.

Expert sourcing

Tech-enabled custom sourcing

With a highly up-to-date network and niche approach to sourcing, our teams are empowered to be precise about screening every expert and present only the highest quality profiles.

Using the most advanced technology and latest AI tools we look in places where other expert networks don't and drive operational efficiency to cover every industry and geography with particular strengths in TMT, Healthcare and Services.

Global research model

Round-the-clock research

Our global research model ensures we can drive client projects forward faster.

Each project is serviced by a team distributed across time zones, in North America, EMEA and APAC, meaning our research teams are always on, sourcing non-stop and responding to client requests at any time.

B2B Customer data

The most relevant experts for customer angles

Our B2B customer profiling allows us to continuously enrich our expert profiles with the most up-to-date information on what software they've used or evaluated and proactively collect data on those companies.

Whether you’re looking for insights from a user, detractor or a recently-churned customer of a SaaS company, we have thousands of highly specific customer profiles at hand.

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Our team

human-led research

Combining the latest tech tools with a nuanced understanding of your needs, we're focused on efficiency and react quickly to transform your challenges into tailored solutions.

With years of experience and industry-specific knowledge, our teams know exactly where to look to find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Julia - Project lead, New York
Biplab - Senior Associate, New Delhi
Madeleine - Manager, New York
Saurabh - Senior Manager, New Delhi
Sophie - Project lead, Barcelona
Bautista - Senior Associate, Barcelona
Francisca - Associate, Barcelona
Maxwell - Associate, New York
Olivia - Senior Asociate, Barcelona
Jane - Associate, New York
Kristijan - Senior Associate, Barcelona

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