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your unique 

Join our global community of top professionals who help investors and business consultants drive innovation and tackle complex challenges.

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Share knowledge with flexibility

From one-to-one calls and in-person events to online surveys and video insights - there are multiple ways to share.  

We designed ArbolusCanopy to enable busy professionals like you to share expertise in the most convenient way. Receive a set of questions, record short video answers in your own time and get paid!

Intuitive platform

Manage consultations with ease

Onboard to our platform quickly and take charge of your own expert profile to maximize your opportunities and get matched with the most relevant projects.

Engage with the end client directly through our workspace chat, provide availability and schedule consultations - all in one easy-to-use platform!

Global delivery model

Best-in-class support for top-quality experts

Enabled by our powerful technology, we custom-source the most knowledgeable experts at scale in niche and disruptive industries worldwide.

From onboarding to completion of each project our global team is on hand round-the-clock to provide support for both our clients and experts.

How does it work?

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What our experts say

“First impression after first call: Perfect match between client and expert. The platform is also state of the art and intuitive to use. 5 star experience”

Baldwin B.

“The setup, recommendation, acceptance, and video conference were exceptionally simple and easy to navigate. I went from interested in the process to completing my first consultation in only a few days.”

Calvin V.

"I was really pleased to find out how little friction there was in this process. I’ve been asked for input like this on other platforms, plenty of times, but it always seems like there is a lot of paperwork and overhead, so I’m reluctant to sign on. This experience was better.”

Scott M.

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