Get insights 20x faster

ArbolusCanopy simplifies your knowledge journey. It’s the fastest way to capture insights from multiple people.

Through our cutting-edge video platform, ask questions to more people and receive answers while you sleep, on the weekend or pretty much any time you want.

ArbolusCanopy: When time is your most valuable resource!
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"We’ve been doing expert calls the same way for the last 15 years. ArbolusCanopy is the innovation we’ve been waiting for"
Leading Strategy Consultancy
Power up your work

Get insights 20x faster

Competitors may take 120 hours to find experts, schedule and execute calls.

ArbolusCanopy delivers insights in 6 hours or less! 🚀

ArbolusCanopy Faster Insights
ArbolusCanopy Fewer Calls
Cut to the chase

Fewer calls.

Don't get stuck on endless back and forth call scheduling.

Capture the majority of insights through video & transcripts and only do calls with the rock-stars. 🤩

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Flexible insights

Accessible on demand.
Digestible and shareable.

Experts submit video responses and this content is accessible in any way you prefer, whenever you want.

Video responses are transcribed using powerful AI so you can always go back to insights or share with other team members.

ArbolusCanopy Video Audio Transcripts
ArbolusCanopy Hidden Gems
Be surprised

Find hidden gems

Responses from every expert, not only the ones with the big titles. ❌ 👔

A new way to work

Flexible for experts

You can get involved in more projects and record your 2-3 minute answers using your phone, desktop, tablet, etc. 📱💻

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"Really helpful: ArbolusCanopy frees up time on calls!"
Growth Equity Investor
That is a great way of answering the questions and I think it gives your clients a feel as to whether an expert is credible or not."
CTO Technology Company
"My experience with ArbolusCanopy was great: platform is very easy to use and time-efficient in giving me relevant insights which can then be explored further with a traditional expert call. I have already recommended it to my colleagues."
Large Cap PE Fund


Can I still call experts?

Yes, ArbolusCanopy does not replace calls. It acts as the first stage in your knowledge journey, where fast and high quality insights are gathered. These insights let you see which experts are the best fit and which calls would be most valuable.

Why is it faster than traditional calls?

Calls require scheduling, preparation and that process takes time. ArbolusCanopy doesn't.  Experts receive opportunities via email and SMS, allowing them to answer right away through any device.  Canopy is Q&A for the digital age.

How soon can I get the answers transcribed?

In seconds. AI takes care of this for you.

How can I try it?

There is a free trial, where you can use it for a limited time.

Ready to try it?

Get a free trial of ArbolusCanopy for a limited time
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