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Information Security

Version 1.27
Octubre 2021

Collective IQ Group Ltd. (doing business as, and hereafter known as “Arbolus”) protects its clients and business interests by offering its employees, collaborators, suppliers, and clients a safe environment with appropriate security measures and operational processes in the following activity:

Development as well as product and service operation of a professional network platform designed to help businesses and professionals work together in projects and acquire domain knowledge. Hence, we commit to the following principles:

● To preserve information confidentiality and prevent its disclosure and access by unauthorized persons.

● To maintain information integrity, ensuring its accuracy, and preventing its accidental or unauthorized deliberate alteration.

● To ensure the availability of the information to authorized persons in any support whenever it is required.

Information security must be flexible, effective, and support the company's business model, therefore, Arbolus is committed to develop, implement, maintain and continuously review its Information Security Management System (ISMS) to continuously improve the way we provide our services and the way we treat our client’s information.

Therefore, we establish the following objectives:

● Setting up goals to improve Information Security.

● Complying with legal requirements and other requirements that we may be subject to.

● Carrying out training and awareness activities on Information Security processes for all staff.

● Conducting analysis, management, and treatment of the risk related to information assets.

● Establishing all the actions required to mitigate or eliminate the risks detected.

● Establishing employee accountability for security incident reporting.London | New York | Barcelona

● Preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets in compliance with this policy.

● Compliance by all the staff with the Information Security Management System policies and procedures

The Board assigns responsibilities and authority to the Security Manager over the maintenance of this policy, providing advice and guidance for its implementation and corrections in the event of deviations in its compliance, as well as in the management of the policies, procedures, and activities of the ISMS.This information security policy will always be aligned with the general policies of the company.

Version 1.27
Octubre 2021